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Flower Mill USA makes grinders and only grinders. A small, but impressive range for now. I didn’t need to do much testing before I knew that for sure I would stock them. Really well made and quite solid in the hand. Each part just screams quality. Low effort, high-capacity milling all in one compact body. This is a unique style of grinder with no teeth or blades (more soon) and their patent is pending. There are 2 styles of mills on offer: a premium edition and a standard one and now they have the mini version.


A small tube of wax to help keep your Flower Mill in tip top condition. Natural and unscented Hemp and Beeswax have been used, both high-quality food grade. The premise is simple, applying this wax periodically will help reduce friction for an easy glide. The Flower Mill was designed to operate for long periods before a clean is required and the oils from your herbal material will accumulate helping to naturally reduce friction whilst improving wear resistance. When it is finally time to clean your mill I advice that you should apply a small amount of wax to the top edge of the mill as well as the outer diameter that sits underneath the lid. You can also apply this wax between cleanings, just be sparse.


x1 Tube of Flower Mill Mill Wax – 4.25g/0.15oz


  • Small tube of wax
  • Hemp and Beeswax
  • Food Grade lubricant
  • Natural and Unscented
  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces wear
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