CCELL 510 Threaded Go Stik Vape Battery – NO CHARGER PROVIDED


***USB-C Charge – NO Charger provided.

CCELL has easily become on of the world’s largest vaporiser suppliers in quite a short period of time, creating a revolution with the world’s first ceramic heating component. A patent was sourced in 2016 and they have grown exponentially since. As they brand they also lead the industry in research and development and have state of the art labs and production facilities. Constant innovation and product safety is their main goal, pushing the industry to new heights.


Every battery stick we stock tends to fall into its own niche as we try to cover every type of user we can imagine. This is a 510 threaded battery appropriate for usage with 510 threaded cartridges, specifically CCELL but others will work. The term 510 denotes the measurements of the threading/connection point and it is a standard size for herbal cartridges. A battery stick for those that desire a functional device that is incredibly simple to use. I would also describe it as discrete, minimal and super lightweight.

Measuring: Tiny and discrete. 91.5mm H x 20mm W x 15.2mmD (mm).

No magnets are required, simply thread the cartridge upon the very top. Variable voltage is provided via a dual heat slide enabling a quick temperature change if needed. Choose between potency or flavour mode by selecting either High or Low. There is no preheat function and this battery works by draw activation with no buttons required for inhalation to occur. An simple and very easy to use battery stick, ergonomically designed with an anti slip body.

All standard 0.5 or 1g carts should fit. Larger should also fit.


  • x1 280mAh CCELL Go Stik Cartridge Battery (NO CHARGER)


  • Standard 510 thread
  • 280mAh battery capacity
  • 91.5mm H x 20mm W x 15.2mm D
  • Ergonomic anti-slip design
  • Variable voltage H or L – 2.8V and 3.2V
  • Choose from either Potency or Flavour mode
  • Dual Slide Switch
  • Auto Draw Activation
  • Discrete
  • Sleek and easily fits with a pocket
  • USB-C Charge



Electric Blue, Emerald Green, Lavender, Onyx

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