Hempire Hemp Wraps 4pk – Cali Cream


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Swisher Sweets is the parent Hempire. Known for selling a vast portfolio of smoking products for high end customers, cigars in particular (2 billion + per year!). Hempire, as the name denotes, is a brand obsessed with Hemp. Papers, wraps and cones all made from the multi-talented plant that is hemp. All hemp they use is organically farmed in the US. Wraps are an alternative to blunts just without the tobacco and nicotine content making them a great option for those who wish to abstain from any nicotine exposure. Wraps have a raw look to them but you are able to roll with them just as you do with normal king sized papers. Just roll and then lick and stick.


These wraps are a modern “green” take on the traditional blunt. There are 4 wraps in this pack. Cigarillo (Rillo) Sized. A cigarillo is a small cigar that is a little longer and thicker than a cigarette and is said to hold around 3g of material.

Flavour? Cali Cream is for those that have a strong affinity to creamy vanilla. Aromatics have been used to flavour these wraps as opposed to terpenes.

TIP: To ensure a good seal I would take my time when licking the ends. It may not stick well if overly wet.


x4 Hempire Flavoured Hemp Wraps Cali Cream – Rillo Size


  • 4 wraps per pack
  • 100% hemp wraps
  • Rillo size
  • Infused with aromatics
  • Vanilla flavoured
  • Nicotine free & tobacco free
  • US-farmed organic hemp


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