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I’m happy to admit that cleaning is my thing. I like to take it to the next level and am lethal with a steamer in my hand! Since beginning my adventures with vaporisers/glassware I have noticed a distinct lack of effective cleaning products to help deal with gunk and resin build-up within devices. I have seen some interesting make-shift kits including paper clips and all manner of sharp pointed instruments! To solve this problem, I searched far and wide and came across the Higher Standards range. Higher Standards prides itself on making products for the elevated connoisseur. Their flagship store in New York is a sight to behold and gives me shop envy!


Do you remember art class in school when you were given pipe cleaners to craft into a piece of art/sculpture? Perfect for creating any shape due to their flexibility and bendiness. Not just for art class. you can also use pipe cleaners to clean just about anything. Particularly useful when you need to reach tight and out of the way nooks/corners. Pipe Dreamz are premium fine-bristled pipe cleaners that are a step up from the standard pipe cleaners you may purchase. The bristles are soft enough to deal with even your most delicate glassware but are also abrasive/textured enough to remove any build up gunk. Flex and cut your way into even the tightest of corners allowing the textured surface to act as a magnet, attaching itself to even the hardest-to-reach small particles. A simple looking tool that will surprise you with its usefulness.

TIP: Each Pipe Dream is 15cms in length and you can affix them to each other (twist the 2 ends around each other) if you need more length. For extremely stubborn gunk I would lightly douse the pipe cleaner in a small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol before scrubbing.


x60 Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz


  • 15cms long
  • Fine-Bristled Pipe Cleaners
  • Flex & Cut Into Corners
  • Textured Surface
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