Honeybee Herb Dab Rig/Water Pipe Travel Pack


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Honeybee Herb is an American brand offering a vast array of dabbing tools/products along with other rather cool and practical products. Bright yellow is their signature colour and they tend to use interest materials to craft their tools. Their range of bangers is quite impressive, covering a multitude of options. Over time I plan to add more and more of their range to the line up in store.


This pack showcases Honeybee Herbs more practical side, a kit that encompasses all you will need whilst out and about on your travels. A kit you bring to a party knowing you may never see it again. I would also place this pack into the “great gift” category for that hard to please friend. This is an all-inclusive pack providing everything except water, a lighter and herbal material. They call is their “Smokers Travel Kit” incorporating accessories that will enable you to either dab or use dry herbal material within. I will break down each part below;

  • Water pipe – Honeybee Herbs signature yellow in colour and it is made entirely from high quality silicone making it indestructible. A great option for traveling. The silicone is fairly solid but I can squeeze it if I apply force. Almost 18cms tall with a flat pedestal base and a curved mouthpiece to help avoid splash back. The down stem is inbuilt and comes in the “banger hanger” style.
  • Quartz banger – A full glass banger, deep bucket style with a flat base and top. 14mm, male and 90°.
  • Glass bowl/slide – Medium in size and funnel in shape. 14mm and male with a frosted port. A handle provides safe handling.
  • Silicone carb cap – Black and yellow in colour with a full silicone body. This is a directional carb cap that will use airflow from above to agitate your concentrates causing movement within the banger.
  • Tool – A metal multi-purpose tool. Load your dab or clean out your flower bowl.

TIP: High quality silicone can withstand very high temperatures.


x1 Official Honeybee Herb Rig/Water Pipe Travel Pack


  • Use with Dry Herbs or Concentrates
  • High Quality Silicone Construction
  • Nearly Indestructible Design
  • 14mm Dry Herb Bowl and Banger Included
  • Directional Silicone Carb Cap Included
  • Dab Tool Included
  • Honeybee Herb Decal
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