King Palm Goji Wraps – Mango x4 with Model X Tips


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Won’t say too much about King Palm as I have already raved on about them enough. What I will say is that I did not expect them to be as insanely popular as they have been. I keep selling out of the King Palm range of pre-rolled papers and the reviews are always positive. King Palm has revolutionised rolling elevating the humble palm leaf to cult status. This is a brand that doesn’t seem to take a break with new products appearing at a steady rate, all still revolving around rolling papers but now with a focus on materials other than palm leaves. I now present to you their flavoured 100% Goji wraps.


Goji berries (or Wolfberries) are small red fruits packed full of nutritional benefits, a superfood. Antioxidants galore and are said to increase energy and longevity/anti-ageing effects when eaten. These berries are indigenous to Tibet/Asia and have been used for centuries in their cuisine as well as a source of medicine used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The berries are  harvested sustainably, with the pulp and fiber being processed into wraps. When smoked they provide a lighter experience whilst burning rather slowly.


Firstly, these are wraps and you should think of them just as you would standard rolling papers but with a twist. These orange coloured wraps are made 100% from Goji with mango terpenes added for flavour, offering quite a natural option.  You can expect a smooth, flavoursome and ultra slow burn with these wraps.

Flavour?? These Goji wraps have a mildly sweet flavour combined with the natural sweetness and refreshment of mango terpenes. The flavour should not overpower your medical marijuana.

Terpenes have been used for flavour, added directly to the wrap itself. With the prevalence of research surrounding the benefits of terpenes (entourage effect in particular) it is recommended to match your medicinal cannabis strain to boost the effects. A myrcene rich strain (Mango terpene) will work well but so will other strains!


x4 Model X Tips are provided in this pack. Specifically designed to help prevent hot particulates from being inhaled. These tips are a different to the “squeeze to pop” flavour tips found in other King Palm wraps/cones. These tips release flavour naturally just via inhalation.


  • x4 King Palm Goji Wraps – Mango
  • x4 Model X Tips


  • 4 Goji Wraps – Mango
  • Flavored with natural terpenes & oils
  • Made from super fruit goji berries
  • 4 Model X Tips
  • Derived from the super fruit, the Goji Berry.
  • Slow burning
  • Smooth and flavoursome
  • Unique texture seals easily
  • Resealable pouch

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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