King Palm XL Wraps w/Flavour Tips – Banana Blast


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Won’t say too much about King Palm as I have already raved on about them enough. What I will say is that I did not expect them to be as insanely popular as they have been. I keep selling out of the King Palm range of pre-rolled papers and the reviews are always positive. In a nutshell… Each King Palm natural leaf is handmade, the leaves are from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) family and are family grown on King Palm’s collective of farms located in Southeast Asia. All the handpicked leaves are cleaned with purified water before being pre-rolled. Each has a filter pre-installed and these filters can be purchased separately.

TIP: Don’t feel bad for the trees, this is sustainable farming at its best. No toxic fertilisers are used and when each leaf is cut from the tree a new leaf will appear in a very short period of time. Thus, providing a perpetual harvest with no impact on the environment!


A wrap is king of a fancy form of rolling paper. They tend to resemble “blunt papers” and have a raw look to them, brownish/green in colour. King Palm Wraps are the world’s first Palm Leaf Wrap but as with most of their range they will be copied very quickly. The main difference between wraps and blunts is the inclusion of tobacco/nicotine. Wraps DO NOT contain either. This is an important feature for those that want a blunt-like experience without the addictive nature of nicotine. A better option but you are still smoking so I wouldn’t say either are good for you (sorry!).

These wraps are flavoured and there is the added bonus of x2 flavoured “Squeeze and Pop” Filter Tips included in the pack.

  • Banana Grape Flavoured Wraps – XL in size with a noticeable but subtle flavour that should not overpower your herbal material. A mix of fruit flavours and unlike most other King Palm papers the flavour is infused directly into the wrap as opposed to a flavour ball located within the filter.
  • Banana Flavour Squeeze and Pop Tips – King Palm wants to create a party in your mouth and have gone large with this range, including a flavour element to compliment the taste of the wraps. These filters need to be popped for flavour to be released.

TIP: You can roll as per normal with these wraps, built to not tear but please take care. Lick to close or use rolling glue.


  • x2 King Palm XL Banana Blast Wraps (Banana and Grape flavoured)
  • x2 King Palm Banana Flavoured Squeeze and Pop Tips


  • 2 Banana Grape XL Wraps
  • 2 Squeeze to pop Tips – Banana
  • 100% Palm Leaf
  • Roll Your Own Product
  • Tobacco-Free
  • Slow Burning
  • Made from sustainably farmed Cordia leaves
  • All natural
  • Free of tobacco or any additives
  • No preservatives
  • NO GLUE!
  • Resilient
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