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Grav, hands down are the masters of glass, scientific producers of glass if you will. A global reputation that is hard to surpass. Built to last, highly functional and as gorgeous as glass can get. Those in the know only and always use Grav glass. When Grav makes a water pipe/dab rig they know what they are doing. Built strong for a smooth and easy session. Oh, and so they don’t break easily either. Beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home, if that’s how you do things. I will always sell Grav within my Bondi Herbal Vape Store, that is how high I rate them.


For those of you that are unaware, it all started for Grav with a Gravity Water Pipe and it all expanded from there. They have tweaked and modified each Gravity design over time culminating in this, their latest iteration the Monarch Gravity Water Pipe. An elegantly beautiful glass piece that wont look out of place displayed lovingly on a shelf. Not joking, remove the flower bowl and it looks like a super fancy vase/carafe.

Measuring: Just over 30cms tall and 10cms in diameter.

Crafted from super durable borosilicate glass with a scalloped exterior that adds grip as well as visual appeal. There are technically 3 parts to this piece; 2 large glass portions that provide the gravity effect along with a 14mm (male) flower bowl. A deceptively simple design that will pack a punch. What exactly is a Gravity Water Pipe (AKA Bucket Water Pipe)? A specific form of water pipe that uses water and pressure to push/inject smoke. As you light your herbal material within the bowl, gravity will push the smoke into the bottle using the water within to create suction as you lift. Lower and smoke is ejected from the very top. One bottle slides down (then up) into the second to create the effect. The inner bottle has a flared neck to make lifting/lowering easier. You are required to remove the flower bowl to inhale. This bowl is a 14mm Grav Funnel Bowl, a large capacity bowl with a handle (collar) for safe handling.


  • x1 Grav Monarch Gravity Water Pipe (2 glass portions – one with a silicone ring at base)
  • x1 14mm Grav Funnel Bowl (Male)


  • 12 inches tall
  • Gravity water pipe
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Classy, scalloped exterior
  • Flared neck
  • Includes 14mm male Funnel Bowl
  • Bowl with collar for safe handling

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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