Lucienne Telescopic Standing Ashtray – 33″


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Lucienne, a brand that offers high end smoking accessories. From my quick research, generally a range of predominately metal storage case and ashtrays. My mother used to love watching old movies from the 1960’s and prior and I would say that Lucienne’s retro vibe would fit in as props perfectly!


No questioning the retro vibe of this product. I used to love watching the show Mad Men, a show set in the 1960’s with precise detail given to decor and fashion. I would say that this ashtray would fit in perfectly. From top to bottom it is entirely made from durable metal but it is fairly lightweight. If you like to look at yourself there is a mirror-like silver polished finish. Designed to be a space saver, standing tall wherever you place it.

Telescopic? Basically you can extend/contract the middle pole to create the perfect height. Pull it out all the way to 33″ (almost 84cms) or shorten it down to 22″ (almost 56cms).

3 parts in total and all thread into each other. The base portion flares out to help keep it all upright. Upon the very top sits the ashtray, a deep cone shaped container with a push-to-flip lid. This lid has a rest built-in to hold whatever it is that you are smoking. Quite a substantial amount of ash can be held within this ashtray but I highly recommend emptying it out frequently! The internal contents stay hidden deep within.


x1 Lucienne Telescopic Standing Ashtray – 33″


  • Polished silver finish
  • Retro inspired
  • Full metal body
  • Telescopic adjusts from 22″ – 33″
  • Push to flip lid
  • Built-in rest
  • Deep storage
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