RAW ProTips Customizable Rolling Tips


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In my experience few people have not heard of Raw, viewed by many as the best rolling papers out there. Pure, unbleached, chalk-less, undyed and additive free papers made in Spain (Alcoy region). Raw describes themselves as a lifestyle brand for those that wish to take their smoking to a new level hence the wide range of accessories that Raw also offers.


A booklet of cardboard Protips for those that like to customise their rolling creations. A product for all my cannasseurs out there. There are 21 pages in this booklet and each sheet is divided (perforated) into 4 rectangles. These filters are designed for larger creations, particularly for Big Phatty Rolls. You just need to decide whether you use the entire cardboard sheet or just tear off whichever size required. The perforations will assist you in this process.

Measuring: Entire Sheet = 12cms x almost 4cms


x1 Booklet filled with 21 RAW ProTips Customizable Rolling Tips


  • 21 cone tips per pack
  • Multi-perforated for customization
  • Official RAW product

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**


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