RYOT 8″ x 11″ Walnut Humidor Solid Top Box


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RYOT has been on the scene from around the year 2000 and are a brand that focuses on clean and simple design. They offer quite a wide selection of products ranging from innovative odour proof storage, one hitters and highly functional glassware. A brand that prides itself on creating modern lifestyle accessories by smokers (and vapers) for smokers (and vapers!). A quick perusal of their social media shows that they are a brand with a great love for the skateboard, they would fit in well with Bondi Beach then!


The Humidor Combo Box from RYOT is the perfect at-home smoking station and storage solution. These boxes are constructed with the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail and features a locking design you can easily protect your valuable herbs and accessories.The box is made from High Quality Walnut Wood and there is a built in lock with 2 keys provided. The interior space is quite large and should hold quite a bit.

Externally the Walnut wood is visually on the darker side with a much lighter shade of wood internally. The inside of this box has a nice clean look to it with a large RYOT logo upon the inside lid. 5 wooden dividers are provided, 2 long and 3 shorter and all are designed to enable you to create zones of your choosing. 2 are actually designed to sit beneath the sifter box if you choose to raise it. A wooden monofilament kief sifter box sits inside, a beautiful little box. This entire storage box is termed a Humidor but you will need to include a Boveda Pack (Humidity Pack) for the full effects. Using a humidity pack will help maximise flavour, colour, aroma and taste.


  • x1 RYOT Walnut storage box
  • x5 dividers  – 2 long and 3 short
  • x1 monofilament kief sifting box – 2 parts
  • x2 keys


  • High Quality Walnut Wood
  • Durable Wood Construction with High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Open Top Monofilament Box for Storing and Sifting Herbs
  • Additional Storage for Accessories
  • 2 Removable Storage Dividers
  • Attractive Metal Lock and Keys
  • Includes RYOT Prep Card
  • Doubles as Humidor with Addition of Boveda Humidity Pack
  • Classic Engraved Branding
  • Size: 11″ x 8″


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