Skull Butterfly Herb Slide/Flower Bowl


Sometimes you just want to show off or maybe you like to buy eccentric gifts for your friends either way I try to provide the goods for you! This bowl is another addition for my “eccentric” range of products. I try to cater for as many types/styles as I can because I want my customers to feel free to embrace their own way of doing things. I’m just here to help showcase what I consider to be amazing in the 420 landscape.


A cute bowl with a dark twist. Thick borosilicate glass has been used to craft these little pieces of art. A large coloured glass butterfly with a small cup-style flower bowl upon it. The skulls are raised and they sit one on the end of each butterfly wing. These bowls are fully functional and will function just like any standard bowl you own, easy to clean too. The connection is male and 14mm in size.


x1 Skull Butterfly Herb Slide/Flower Bowl


  • Tough glass
  • Butterfly with raised skulls design
  • Thick and durable
  • 14mm male connection
  • Pink or blue glass
  • Medium size cup bowl

Blue, Pink

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