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Another odour control brand for my shelves, welcome Veil. A small company that sells just one product in a variety of sizes, an odour eliminator spray. One scent is available and all sizes/bottles in the range perform the same function. Basically a non-toxic and design-conscious spray that would effectively get rid of medical marijuana odour (and smell great itself, too). They spent a year working alongside chemists developing a safe formula that breaks down individual odour molecules in the air/on surfaces.


I think it is very important to effectively deal with odour from your medical marijuana. I personally believe that if the medicinal cannabis industry is to flourish in this country (Australia) there are steps that should be taken to incorporate safe and responsible usage. Safety for all, including non-smokers. The odour can be very overpowering and for peace of mind I recommend as much odour minimisation as you can achieve.

One way to achieve this goal is to use an odour eliminator spray. There are quite a few various brands on the market that provide such sprays/candles/gels. To be clear these products do NOT mask odours they actually destroy/alter them on a molecular level. This process removes the odour. In a nutshell, a unique cationic surfactant does the work by targeting molecules and reducing their concentration.

TIP: This spray does not discriminate and will work on all odours including pet.

The way I recommend using a spray odour eliminator is to spray the area AFTER you finish your session, during would be a waste. 5-10 sprays in the air should suffice but more can be used for particularly odourous zones. The spray will immediately get to work and will leave behind a light pleasant aroma of Sweet Orange, Black Pepper and Virginia Cedar essential oils. Another great feature of using a spray is the ability to use it directly onto fabrics/furniture/surfaces. Safe on almost all surfaces as it is non-toxic, colourless and eco-friendly. Saying that, please do not ingest this product or spray into your face.


x1 Veil 8oz/225ml Odour Eliminator Spray Bottle


  • Targets and Breaks Down Smoke Odors at Molecular Level
  • Leaves Space with Fresh, Earthly Musk
  • 8oz or 225ml
  • Sweet Orange, Cracked Black Pepper, and Virginia Cedar Scents
  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • Safe to use on fabrics
  • Will deal will a variety of odours
  • Made in the USA
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