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Parracanna are the producers of the Zen Zingers Gummy Bear Making Kit. As a new brand on my radar I did what I always do, I began researching them. They don’t sell a wide range of different products but simply focus on helping others to create their own medicinal edibles. An interesting sentence on their webpage piqued my interest “that this product empowers people to get intimate with their treatment”. As a former herbalist/naturopath I have always advocated for empowerment in regard to understanding your body as well as any medications used.


As medicinal marijuana access grows and grows across Australia, I find that I have quite a few customers come in to ask me about harm minimisation. More and more of my customers are preferring to be prescribed actual flower material (buds) over processed oils (oral ingestion). Many do not want to smoke (or even vape) their herbal material particularly if they need to partake on a daily basis. They also require a longer lasting effect. This is where edibles make an appearance. Medicinal edibles are easy to ingest (yummy even!) and provide a slow release of your medicine into your blood stream. Finally, being able to create your own edible medicine allows you to easily control your dosage, particularly as your tolerance grows.

TIP: I highly recommend checking out the dosage calculator on the Parracanna webpage. Really informative.


This kit provides you with all that need to make delicious Raspberry-flavoured gummies, except your all-important medicine of course! The mold will allow you to make 15 gummies at a time, takes approximately 10 minutes to make and each should be fully set and ready to eat within 24 hours. I will not provide any in-depth instruction on the making of oil, but you will need to turn your buds into an infused oil. There are many videos/instructionals on the internet that will walk you through each step. Take your time with researching this part as it will impact immensely on the potency of your medicinal edible if made incorrectly. The kit contains the following

  • Gummy Mix
  • BPA-free mould and dropper
  • Packet of finishing sugar
  • Instructions

I have only brought in the one flavour for now (more will follow), Righteous Raspberry. According to Parracanna this is their most popular flavour with Cherry running a close second.

TIP: For those of you conscious of the health impacts of the food you ingest this kit does not contain any artificial colours or flavours of any sort.


Will let the comprehensive instruction provided in the kit provide the details with the following recommendation from myself. It goes without saying that you should create your edibles in as sterile an environment as you can. Every utensil/surface used should be beyond spotless. No matter what people make I tend to always advice starting low and going slow as this should hopefully keep you from making any costly errors. No need to rush either, making gummies should be an enjoyable experience from creation to ingestion. My last piece of advice is to read the instruction carefully, especially the dosage guide. If you are new to cannabis and/or edibles I caution you to start on a low dose.  

TIP: Whatever you do don’t overboil the mix as this will lead to the creation of a hard candy.

Take your time (but not too much as it works best warm) dispensing the cooked mixture into the mold. This is a pretty sticky part of the whole process so get ready for a little mess till you get the hang of it. Once the molds are filled it is time for the refrigerator to do its magic, allowing setting to occur.


  • x1 Silicone mold and dropper
  • x1 Gummy mix to create 15 gummies (Righteous Raspberry)
  • x1 Finishing sugar
  • x1 Dosage table
  • and step by step instructions

***At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian Laws***

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