510 threaded 380mah Vape Battery stick



If you would like to vaporise extracted herbal oils (as opposed to oral ingestion) you will need the correct device/vape parts. Commonly used e-cigarettes are not appropriate to efficiently vaporise herbal oils due to the thick nature of the oil. Overheating or clogging of wicking ports may occur as two examples. The correct requirements include a 510 threaded cartridge (usually ceramic or quartz) and an appropriate 510 threaded battery stick. The cartridges are disposable/replaceable items whilst a battery stick should only have to be a one time purchase (unless faulty).

TIP: 510 threading is just a term to describe connection points. The name refers to the length of the connector and the amount of threads it has to make a connection. Runs 5mm long with 5 threads on male connection (cartridge side) with 5 more threads on the female connection (battery/mod), hence 510.


This 380mAh variable voltage stick battery has been designed for on the go no fuss vaping, the most basic unit I sell. It is very small/slim in size and has a cartridge warming setting (preheat), more below. The voltage is adjustable (3 clicks on power button) and you can cycle through each. The voltage you set will stay as default till you change it.

Red 3.6v
Blue 3.1v
Green 2.7v

Treat each voltage as you would a temperature, with each increase adding more heat. I tend to recommend starting on the lowest setting and moving up to find the appropriate setting. Lower temperature will conserve your oil with a smoother experience. Higher temperatures will eat through your oil but will provide more intensity.

This battery stick does not work on draw activation as some do. Personally I am not a fan of draw activated batteries as they are not as precise (usually cant change settings) but I have not tried every battery on the market. Draw activation refers to a device that activates (“turns on”) when you inhale and no buttons need to pressed. Not so with this battery, You will need to press the button on this battery when inhaling and for that reason it is important to turn off your battery stick so the button isn’t accidentally pressed in your pocket/bag.

The battery is rechargeable (included mini USB cord) so no need to dispose when done.


I like this feature, it is designed to help you. Sometimes herbal oils can separate, thicken, glug up or block wicking ports. This is down to the resinous nature of the product and at this point you generally cant vape it successfully anymore. This is where the preheat function can play a role. Pressing the button 2 times will turn on this feature and a kaleidoscope of colour will illuminate the button for 15 seconds. During this time the battery is sending heat directly into the cartridge for an extended period in an attempt to return the oil to a vapeable consistency. Once the light stops you can attempt to inhale again, hopefully it has worked but in some case your cartridge may be faulty and a new one will need to be sourced.


Simply charge your battery with the included USB charger. Screw onto the threading your preferred 510 preloaded cartridge. 5 presses of the button to power on. 2 presses to preheat and 3 to select your voltage. You are ready to inhale (hold down power button).


  • 380mAh variable voltage stick battery
  • magnetic mini USB charging cord.

Cartridges sold separately (empty only sold within Australia).


  • 380mAh
  • 3 voltage options
  • Not draw activated
  • USB charge
  • Preheat/warming function

Black, Gold, Silver

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