510 threaded 380mah Vape Battery stick


If you would like to vaporise extracted herbal oils (as opposed to oral ingestion) you will need the correct device/vape parts. Commonly used e-cigarettes are not appropriate to efficiently vaporise herbal oils due to the thick nature of the oil. Overheating or clogging of wicking ports may occur as two examples. The correct requirements include a 510 threaded cartridge (usually ceramic or quartz) and an appropriate 510 threaded battery stick. The cartridges are disposable/replaceable items whilst a battery stick should only have to be a one time purchase (unless faulty).


This is a 510 threaded battery stick appropriate for usage with 510 threaded cartridges. The term 510 denotes the measurements of the threading/connection point and it is a standard size for herbal cartridges. A basic option, described commonly as “pen/stick-style” referring to the shape. I say basic as I also stock a variety of options, some a little crazier than usual! An easy to use, discrete option that slips easily in/out of any pocket/bag. Your cartridge threads directly to the very top and it is completely exposed.

380mah battery capacity with a very fast charge time via a magnetic mini USB charger. Variable voltage is provided (x3 – 2.7V, 3.1V and 3.6V) enabling a quick temperature change if required. Treat each voltage as you would a temperature, with each increase adding more heat. I tend to recommend starting on the lowest setting and moving up to find the appropriate setting. Lower temperature will conserve your oil with a smoother experience. Higher temperatures will eat through your oil but will provide more intensity.

All functions are controlled via the single button that lights up. You are able to warm up your cartridges via the preheat function and this battery does NOT work by draw activation and the button is pressed for inhalation to occur. I tend to advise my customers that they should hold onto the box for a while until they learn all corresponding LED colours and how often to push the button for each function to occur.


  • 380 mAh battery capacity
  • Compatible with herbal oils – 510 threaded cartridges
  • Variable voltage – 2.7V, 3.1V,  and 3.6V
  • Coloured LED Light
  • Preheat function – 1.8V for 15 seconds
  • Non draw activated
  • Magnetic Micro USB Charger
  • 9cms x 1cms
  • 510 threaded connection point


  • 380mAh variable voltage stick battery
  • magnetic mini USB charging cord.



Black, Gold, Silver

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