Zenco Duo Desktop Herbal Vaporiser Replacement Glassware


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If you have read any of my other write ups you will see that I get quite excited when new brands arrive. I wait impatiently for my deliveries and then pounce (not really, I don’t want to scare anyone) on our friendly DHL delivery driver. I have had my eye on Zenco for a while now and sadly the pandemic pushed out my first order and now, they are finally here! Zenco does not produce many products with only 2 desktop herbal vaporisers on offer (Flow and Duo) plus their associated accessories. A one year limited warranty is offered by Zenco.


The Zenco Duo is a dry herb vaporiser with quite a twist. A desktop unit that enables you to fill a glass with vapour before “drinking’ the vapour directly from the cup. A great option for those that like to share their sessions but like to keep things hygienic. The sort of vape you pull out at a dinner party when you want to wow your friends. Fill a glass for each person and sit back and enjoy. 2 glasses are provided with your initial vaporiser purchase but maybe you have many friends and would like more. Or maybe you just keep breaking glass, who am I to judge?!

In this pack are 2 Duo Glasses and that’s pretty much it. Well not exactly, a removable food-grade Silicone Diffuser is also provided. This portion links the glass to the actual vaporiser.

TIP: All Zenco glassware is interchangeable


x2 Official Zenco Duo Glasses


  • For use with concentrates/oils
  • Zenco Duo Glassware
  • Dishwasher safe glass.
  • Removable Food-Grade Silicone Diffuser
  • 2x Glasses
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