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It has been a little while since I welcomed a new glassware brand to my ever growing in-store range. My glass wall as I call it, encompassed one entire wall with 4 very long shelves from floor to ceiling all full of glass. It is hard not to admire it when I walk across the room! aLeaf hails out of California and my first thought is that their logo looks very familiar and how has Adidas not sued them yet??? Or maybe they are in secret cahoots together making sneakers and glass!? A quick perusal of their site shows some pretty quirky creations with an emphasis on colour and durability.


This kit is designed for connoisseur dabbers that value flavour (terpenes) and want more control over airflow. The Spinner Kit “X” (why X?) is made up of 3 different components (technically 4 as you get 2 pearls!) that all work together to provide you a unique experience when partaking in herbal concentrates. The following are provided.

  • X1 14mm (male) 90°9% Quartz Flared Bottom/Flat Top Banger
  • X1 Custom Hat Spin Carb Cap (Glass)
  • X2 6mm Glass Mini Pearls

First thing you always look at when selecting a banger is the type of material used in production. All the best bangers around (currently) are made from top quality Quartz, an extremely durable form of borosilicate glass. Quartz is also know to withstand extreme temperatures, covering everything from super-hot to very cold. Cold start dabbing is all the rage at the moment providing a layer of safety whilst helping to preserve all important terpene content.The base of this banger is a little different, it flares and curves out with a raised mound on the inside. This design is specific and will enable your extract to bounce about within the banger. The top of this banger is flat and there is a Helix port along the side of the glass to facilitate a vortex effect within the banger using directional airflow.

The custom hat carb cap looks a little like a bell to me. It has also been designed for directional airflow with air entering in through the top before being dispersed via tiny angled holes at the base. Another form of helix style airflow.

Lastly. Let’s talk pearls. No not your grandmothers’ pearls but mini dab pearls made from glass, some call them terp pearls. Clear glass pearls that are quite small, definitely small enough to lose so be careful! Their role is basic but used correctly they can enhance flavour and effect. The premise is simple – to spin around within the banger alongside your herbal concentrate material whilst inhaling. They work hard to evenly distribute heat and disperse the concentrate around the heated banger for larger draws. The constant agitation keeps your material on the move enabling longer heating.

Used all together this kit should take your dabbing experience to a new level. Just be aware the more tools you use to dab with, the more cleaning you are required to undertake. Oh and don’t lose the mini pearls, I recommend a small silicone container to house them between usage!


  • x1 aLeaf 14mm Quartz Banger (90° and flat top)
  • x1 aLeaf Custom Hat Spin Carb Cap (25mm and directional airflow)
  • x2 aAleaf Glass Mini Pearls


  • Connoisseur level dabbing
  • 14mm male connection banger
  • 99.9% Quartz Borosilicate Glass Banger
  • Flared and curved Bottom on Banger
  • Flat Top on Banger
  • Custom Directional Carb Cap (Helix style)
  • Airflow is increased
  • 2 Glass Mini Pearls
  • Pearls increased agitation within
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