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I have been accumulating a wide variety of herbal smoking pipes in-store as I try to cover all bases in regard to smoking styles and preferences. Even though I have my own personal preferences in terms of usage and harm minimisation I don’t judge others and have tried to factor in a multitude of varieties to cater for all. With each choice I make I endeavour to find the safest and most innovative option for my customers. Red Eye Metalware certainly caught my attention with their unique “maze” filtration system (more on that soon).

The A’mazed Pipe is technically a dry herb pipe, whereby you place your herb within a chamber located at one end, light the herb then inhale from the mouthpiece. The body of the unit is made from solid metal (CNC Precision Engineered) and feels surprisingly light in the hand. This is a pipe designed for smooth tokes whilst on the go in an enclosed system. Enclosed as you place your material within the pipe and light the exterior of the pipe via an external opening.

TIP: The A’mazed Pipe has been around since 1997 and is still regarded as a market leader today. Pretty impressive! An authentication hologram is provided on each box to prove you have the real deal.


Now the fun part! I enjoyed taking this pipe apart to marvel at the intricate maze within. The premise is pretty simple, your smoke must pass through the entire 320mm maze before reaching the mouthpiece and being inhaled. Why would this be important? The longer that the pathway for smoke to travel the cooler and smoother your ultimate experience will be. An extremely short pathway will result in an experience that is way too intense and uncomfortable. They may call it a maze, but it is not one that you would get lost in (dead ends etc) instead the smoke has to move up and down through a myriad of grooved tunnels till finally reaching the end.


So, let’s break this pipe down into its individual parts (4 parts to be exact), with each part easily removeable for that all-important cleaning routine.

  • A removeable end piece. This cap closes off the loading chamber and has 1 external opening for the flame to enter within when you are lighting the pipe.
  • The end cap screws directly onto the main body of the A’mazed Pipe. Within the base of the main body (thinner tapered end) you will find a screen (removeable) this is where you load your herbal material with the screen keeping the herb from being inhaled. The screen is held in place via a protruding inner ring.
  • The main body (other end of screen) is an empty void where the magical “maze” resides when all components are in place.
  • Now we get to the magic that is the A’mazed Pipe, the unique 320mm “maze”. The body of the maze is attached to the mouthpiece portion of the pipe and cannot be removed. Your smoke will pass through the internal screen and enter into the first leg of the maze. The smoke has nowhere else to go and can only follow the entire pathway along until it reached the final leg whereby it enters directly into the mouthpiece ready for you to inhale. The mouthpiece tapers nicely with a wide smoke outlet. Eyelet holes (x2) sit along the base allowing you to attach your pipe to a keyring or chain.


  • A really easy pipe to master. I recommend grinding/chopping (not too fine!) your herb before usage for an even burn.
  • Detach the end cap and set aside. Hold your pipe so that you can see the screen within (make sure you are looking through the right end – mouthpiece down!) before placing your herbal material within I recommend checking that the screen is in place correctly as this is what stops you inhaling a mouthful of herb. I would not pack too tightly (or overpack) as you should still be able to draw easily without too much exertion on your part.
  • Reattach the end cap and light directly around the opening located on the exterior of the bowl. Inhale whilst you are lighting keeping in mind that it will extinguish the moment you remove the lighter as you are not directly igniting your herb. This allow you to toke on the contents multiple times as needed. I don’t recommend lighting your herb for long periods of time as the temperature may become uncomfortable. 3-5 seconds per time is recommended.
  • Allow to cool if you wish to repack and reuse.

TIP: For added smoothness why not try freezing your pipe before use.


My old friend Isopropyl Alcohol is going to be needed to give your pipe a really good clean. I would take the pipe apart into its 4 components and focus on each individually. A cotton swab or cloth doused in a little Isopropyl can be used to wipe down all parts. Warm soapy water can also be used to give each part a wash. For stubborn gunk build-up you may need to soak your pipe/screen overnight in Isopropyl to loosen things up first. I tend to really focus on keeping mouthpieces clean and this is no exception. A pipe cleaner (Hemper Tech do some great ones) can easily be inserted directly into the mouthpiece for extra scrubbing.


X1 Authentic A’mazed Smoking Pipe (4 parts in all) RED IN COLOUR


  • Portable
  • 82mm in length
  • Durable
  • CNC Precision Engineered
  • Detachable (4 parts)
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique 320mm “maze” filtration system
  • Elongated smoke pathway
  • Provides a smoother and cooler experience
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