BRNT Designs Yaketa Walnut Rolling Tray


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I am extremely excited about stocking BRNT (pronounced “burnt”) in my store. A Canadian brand that focuses equally on beauty and function. A youngish brand that emerged in 2017 with the goal of creating lust worthy products for 420 connisseurs. It all began simply with a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to create a truly innovative waterpipe, that amount was quite easily surpassed in under less than a month. BRNT has a future view of creating 420 lifestyle products that are highly innovative, create a buzz and break the mold. The BRNT Hexagon Waterpipe was the first product they developed with many other products created since.


In my humble opinion, a good rolling tray can have a positive impact on any smoking ritual. I tend to see the entire process of smoking/vaping as a ritual with every step along the way contributing to the overall experience. I have always taken pride in all my tools/storage ranging from the highest quality scissors all the way to the best humidity control containers. I was doing this way before I ever had my own store to plunder for new products! My advise these days in-store is to buy the least amount of products/tools necessary whilst focusing on procuring the highest quality of basics that you may need.


Just like the rest of BRNT’s amazing range, the Yaketa is simple and minimilistic in its design. Made from pure Walnut Wood, it has quite a luxurious look and feel to it. As the daughter of a carpenter I can appreciate beautiful wood and more importantly my father who is difficult to impress was quite impressed when he first saw the Yaketa.

The Yaketa measures in at 25cms x 25cms and is divided into 3 regions, with raised walls separating each so your products/tools/herb don’t intermingle. The entire perimeter is also raised so nothing can accidentally roll/fall off the tray. The BRNT logo is etched directly into the wood.

  • Largest region 15cms x 25cms – As the largest zone I would use this for actual rolling. Large and completely flat allowing you to spread out your rolling papers, filters etc. One of the corners has had its walls removed allowing you to pour/discard any products.
  • Smaller region 22cms x 10cms – I would place my tools (scissors, small grinder, spare rolling papers or a lighter) in this zone, or anything really as there are no rules.
  • Smallest area 9cms x 2cms – A tiny groove-like zone which can hold a pre-rolled or anything small you want to isolate from the rest of the tray.


Will not insult your intelligence by providing a method of how to use, except to tell you to enjoy it!


Incredibly easy to clean, a damp microfibre cloth will keep your Yaketa looking pristine.


x1 Walnut Wood Rolling Tray by BRNT


  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • 100% Walnut Wood
  • Large Rolling Area
  • Discard Corner
  • Accessories area
  • Easy to clean
  • Size = 25cms x 25cms
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