Hoss Glass 18″ Pyramid Beaker w/ Coloured Neck and Percolator


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The name Hoss Glass came on my radar a little while back and my interest was immediately piqued. Founded in 2009, Hoss Glass is a Canadian brand (Waterloo, Ontario to be specific) that crafts hand-made glassware and smoking accessories. Hoss Glass is the home of the original “build-a-bong” concept (allowing you to 100% customise your preferred experience) and offer quite a wide array of bubblers, water pipes and pipes of all sizes, colours and thicknesses. All their glass products are made/blown at their Canadian facility and after perusing their wares I can easily say that some of their collection is pretty wild!

The Holey Pyramid Beaker was the first ever Hoss Glass product that I spotted, and I was instantly intrigued and a little confused at first. A beaker unlike any that I have encountered before. I may not have fully understood it at first, but I knew enough to know that I wanted it. An order was placed, and the waiting began. Meanwhile my staff at Lux Cuttings Hydroponics (sister store) were checking deliveries daily in eager anticipation of its arrival!


So, it arrived, and we had a group unboxing (was fun). First things first, the Holey Pyramid Beaker comes packed inside a foam lined carry case with a handle. A case you keep for safe storage/transportation. There is no getting around it, this bong is massive! When I placed it on the floor it came almost up to my knee and I was wearing high heels too (is just over 45cms tall). Not just tall but thick as well – 5mm thickness. The base is in the shape of a pyramid measuring in at 13ish cms x 13ish cms. The pyramid narrows as it extends up to form the coloured neck of the piece, culminating in a thickened and rounded off mouthpiece.

X3 accessories (pretty crucial ones) are provided in the kit technically making this a multi-use water pipe allowing you to choose between dry herb, concentrates or even some thick oils. Each slide easily in/out (male connections) of the extra thick external down stem portion.

  • X1 19mm Herb Bowl (has a side arm for easy handling and larger interior – black)
  • X1 19mm Thick Bowl (quite thick with a smaller interior – black)
  • X1 19mm Quartz Banger (exclusively for use with wax/concentrates/thick oils – clear)

Now the fun part! The crazy unique percolation system took me a while to get my head around. Turning the beaker upside down reveals the Grid Diffuser/Percolator. A solid glass disc that works to break up smoke into a multitude (hundreds) of tiny smoke bubbles effectively increasing the surface area allowing cooling to occur. Smoke passes into the interior chamber of a Grid diffuser and then out via a horde of perpendicular slits. This process is very cool to watch!

So, what are the holes all about? I believe that it all comes down to aesthetics and the desire to create a beaker that gets noticed. These holes pass through into an inner pyramid and you can stick your fingers in each hole without entering into the actual interior of the water chamber. I do find that all these “obstacles” create greater turbulence and a pretty unique percolation effect.

The neck narrows substantially at the base which I believe will act an a very effective ice catcher and should also work quite well to minimise any splash back from even the deepest inhalers. The neck is coloured (black in this version) and is stamped with the Hoss Glass Logo.


First step is to fill with water. Each person I speak to tends to have their own preferred water level so I will only recommend that you do not overfill and that you have enough water to completely cover the percolator disc. I personally would fill at least uptil the line of the base of the inner black pyramid.

Now you will need to decide which of the 3 cone pieces you will be requiring. The 2 black bowls I would use with dry herbal material and the clear banger with any waxs/thick oils. Slide in the appropriate one.

Dry Herb Usage

  • Roughly chop/grind up your material and place within the bowl. Don’t overpack. Light whilst inhaling.

Concentrates/thick oils

  • Effective dabbing is dependent on the lighter being used. A torch-style lighter is required to attain the heats required.
  • Before any dangerous heating occurs, I recommend using a dab tool to scoop out a tiny portion of your concentrate and place aside in an easy to reach location.
  • Ensuring that you are safe and standing near anything flammable you will need to use your torch to heat up the banger for approximately 20-30 seconds (or more).
  • Set the torch aside in a safe location, ensuring that it is turned off.
  • It is highly recommended that you wait a short period of time (maybe 30 seconds or so) before applying your concentrate within the heated banger. This will help with harshness and flavour.
  • I tend to start inhaling and getting the water bubbling within the rig a fraction of a second before applying any product. Swirl your dab tool around the interior of the banger.
  • Remove the dab tool, grab a carb cap and place it over the banger whilst you continue to inhale.
  • You are effectively done when nothing is pulling through.


X1 Hoss Glass 18” Pyramid Beaker with coloured neck (black) and percolator. X1 19mm Flower Bowl (male), x1 19mm Extra Thick Flower Bowl (male), x1 19mm Clear Banger (male) and x1 foam-lined carry case with handle


  • Height: 18”/45cms
  • Joint thickness: 19mm Female
  • Grid Diffuser
  • X2 19mm included flower bowls (varied thickness, black in colour, male)
  • X1 19mm Wax/Concentrates/Thick Oils Banger (clear, male)
  • Glass thickness: 5mm

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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