NoGoo Silicone Skull Storage Container


A fiendish way to store your waxy concentrates


I have always been weirdly drawn to skulls and have quite a few around my home so imagine my excitement when I spotted this container!

You dabbers out there will know the benefits of a good quality silicone storage container to house your goodies. Silicone being one of the few surfaces that are non-stick, allowing you to easily dispense your shatter/rosin/dabs/concentrates, or whatever you call it!

Don’t expect any old skull though, that’s not how we do it at We are Lux. The world-renowned artist Charles Lowrie is behind the design of this bad boy! Standing at approximately 5cm tall and across, it is surprisingly roomy. The top of the skull is 510 threaded for strong closure and the thick silicone used makes it very durable.

This good looking, piece of art will serve you well aesthetically and functionally. Win all round!


x1 scarily cool silicone skull storage container


Black, White

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