OCB Solaire Slim King Size Rolling Papers and Tips


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The OCB Soliare Range is all about Flair. The name is derived from the French word for solar, hence the bright yellow packaging I guess. The package will be hard to lose. 32 ultra-thin sheets per pack, each are natural white in colour (no bleach used). 32 expertly crafted cardboard tips are also provided ready for you to form into the filter of your choice. Slow burning papers that are made from sustainably sourced forest fibres (wood pulp), with natural always-stick natural acacia gum used.


The majority of rolling papers on the market are made from wood pulp fibres (basically paper). Sometimes they are bleached and sometimes left in their natural state.OCB prefers natural. The burn rate is usually on the mediumish side (or faster for inferior brands) and they should not need to be relit once you begin. As for flavour, there will be a mild (not unpleasant for most) aftertaste to these papers.


  • X1 OCB Solaire Slim Rolling Papers and Tips


  • Size: King
  • 32 sheets
  • 32 tips
  • All-natural and unbleached
  • Chlorine free
  • Made with wood pulp
  • Natural white in colour
  • Made by OCB in France
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