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Straight up there is no other vaporiser that I have had more queries about than the almighty Pax. Pax Labs Inc, a beloved industry leader since 2007 has a loyal cult following of vapers who refuse to use any other dry herb vaporiser. Cutting edge technology coupled with a sexy/sleek design is a hallmark of Pax. Just to make myself clear – this is a top tier vaporiser that will elicit envy from all you encounter! Keep your eyes on your Pax at all times as they have a tendency to “disappear”!!


The Pax comes with a fairly unique charger, not a standard USB-c cable as found with most vaporisers. This charger actually magnetises directly to the body of the Pax on one end with a USB Port on the other. A pretty fancy charger indeed!

TIP: You can use this Charger whether you have the Pax Plus/Mini/2 or the Pax 3 Dry Herbal Vaporiser.


x1 Official Pax Mini Charger

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