Storz and Bickel Crafty/+ and Mighty/+ Filling Aid


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Storz and Bickel is quite easily the cream of the crop in the world of herbal vaping. State of the art, medicinal-grade equipment that requires no hyped-up marketing to spread the word. I will make a prediction and state that as long as I am working in this industry I will always stock products by the giant that is Storz and Bickel!


The Mighty/+ and the Crafty/+ are 2 elite level herbal vaporisers that enable one to vaporise dry herbal material, namely medicinal marijuana. Each have an oven which you fill with herbal material directly if you are not using dosing caps. Some of my customers find it a little tricky to fill this oven without making a mess, spilling herb as they try to drop it in with their fingers. This filling aid has been developed with this exact problem in mind.

These filling aids look exactly like the Storz and Bickel Mill and the Dosing Magazine, a low profile and plastic circular container. There are 4 parts to this filling aid. A top lid, a bottom lid, a spacer and a middle storage zone. The see through lid is the top of this filling aid. It’s pretty easy to use.You start by placing ground up herbal material into the central storage zone. The clear spacer stays in place at this point closing off access to the area below. Remove the bottom lid and line up the filling aid with the oven of your Mighty/Crafty, the base of the spacer should sit over the oven. Remove the top lid + spacer and start filling. Replace all parts when done. Any left over herbal material can be stored within the filling aid for your next use.

TIP: I would use the spacer to move the herbal material towards the opening when filling.


x1 Official Storz and Bickel Crafty/+ and Mighty/+ Filling Aid – 4 piece


  • Filling aid
  • Less waste/mess
  • Storage
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
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