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Today was an exciting day, a large delivery arrived that I have been eagerly anticipating. Many new products but one I was particularly happy to get my hands on, the Jinni Pipe from Gypsy Labs! An American brand that specialises in high quality, hand-blown glass water pipes. Scientific grade Borosilicate Glass is used for high strength and each of their water pipes (they only make 3 types) are as unique as you can get in the oversaturated water pipe market. Their entire premise revolves around Fluid Dynamics (patent pending), which is just a fancy way of saying that they manufacture gravity assisted devices. Each of their 3 pieces uses gravity in their own way by either flipping, tilting or tipping.


I saw this pipe on Instagram a while back and I knew instantly I wanted it. There was something so simple yet ingenious about the design and who isn’t a fan of gravity? This pipe works when tilted during use whereby the water moves out of one chamber into the other and then back again. Smoke passes though the water before being “pushed” for inhalation (more below). This pipe has the ability to create massive rips/hits without obliterating your throat (but you are still smoking so let’s not kid ourselves!).

TIP: Your smoke is cooled via water and air. Results = Double cooled and Ultra smooth smoke.

Designed to be easily handheld and as I am currently holding one, I can attest to that. The glass is fairly thick (scientific grade borosilicate glass) and there is a nice pedestal at the base to keep everything upright when not in use. Tilting will occur as you hold the Jinni in your hands. An interesting feature is that this pipe is basically mouthless. What??? You do not have to place any part of your (or someone else’s) mouth on this piece. Gravity (via Fluid Dynamics) will forcefully inject smoke directly out of the opening enabling you to “drink” the smoke. This lipless technology provides germ free sessions and is kind of cool to watch.


The most delicate portion of this water pipe, so please take care as this is a custom piece. Measuring 10cms from top of bowl to bottom of stem with 2 horizontal slits for further percolation effect. The flower bowl is quite roomy and flares out. There is a side handle enabling you to keep safe as you remove the bowl for inhalation. Quite important as you remove the bowl immediately after lighting so my guess is that some fingers would get burnt without a handle attached. There is a frosted port enabling airtight connection, keeping the smoke where it needs to be.


May seem a little daunting at first but once you understand the mechanism the rest is a breeze. Fill one chamber with water. I watched the official Gypsy Labs launch video (attached below) for the Jinni and they seem to fill it to the halfway point (sitting on a flat surface). At this stage the flower bowl/down stem is not in place (yet).

  • Hold the Jinni in one hand and tilt the pipe towards yourself. Almost all the water should now sit within one chamber only. Hold this position for the next step.
  • Pick up your filled bowl/down stem and insert it into the chamber now filled with water from step above. This is important as if you place it in the empty chamber the bowl will become flooded when you start to tilt again.
  • This is the fun bit! As you are lighting you will begin the tilt. Tilt the Jinni away from yourself so that the empty (bowl-less) chamber starts to fill with water. At the same time, you should see smoke accumulating in the original chamber.
  • Told the tilt until the entire chamber fills with smoke. Pull out the bowl/down stem and tilt back to the first position, this will force water to rush back in. This displacement of water will provide force and the smoke will come pouring out.
  • Start drinking! The outpouring of smoke not the water of course! Place flat on a surface when you are finished.


  • x1- The Jinni Pipe by Gypsy Laboratory
  • x1 – 14mm Glass Semi Diffused Down stem


  • Size: 7″ Tall
  • Authentic Jinni Pipe (no fakes here!)
  • Patent Pending Fluid Dynamics
  • Gravity fed system
  • All-in-one Bowl/down stem
  • Cooled by Water and Air – Double Cooled-Ultra Smooth
  • Lipless Technology Provides Germ-Free Sessions
  • 100% Handblown Borosilicate Glass
  • 250ml on Each Side

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**


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