Zig Zag Palm Mini Rolls 5 Pack – Vanilla


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Zig Zag does not mess about. Founded by 2 brothers in the late 1800’s and still going strong today, famous for their high quality and reliable papers made in France. Their history is wide and varied but their reputation really exploded with the support of rapper, Dr Dre. In 1982 his triple platinum album “The Chronic” was released and homage was paid to Zig Zag, including the cover art where Dre’s face is framed by the Zig Zag emblem. Quite the endorsement! They continue to innovate and expand their range and now I present to you their range of Palm Mini Pre-rolled cones.


Rolling papers/cones made from palm leaves are currently taking the world by storm. King Palm are the predominant force (currently) with a vast array on offer but many brands are in the background, quickly gaining ground. Come by and visit me in-store and it is quite plain to see how palm leaves are starting to dominate the world of rolling. The use of palm is said to extend way back with the Mayans using it to craft cigars. True or not, palm leaves are known for their super slow and very smooth burn whilst providing a subtle sweet aftertaste. They may resemble traditional blunts but there is ZERO tobacco content.

Mini roll capacity: 1g

5 mini rolls are provided and each are flavoured but not in a conventional sense. The flavour sits within a “squeeze and pop” bead that is located within the filter. If you dont squeeze it then there will be no flavour expressed. 100% Natural Vanilla terpenes have been used so expect real flavour. The included filter tip is unique and is made from corn husk. Zig Zag is not the only brand that incorporates a corn husk filter. They are known to be superior to standard filters providing an extra level of smoothness. Their specific design will also help cool the temperature of your smoke.


Zig Zag Palm Mini Rolls 5 Pack – Vanilla Terpenes (“Squeeze to Pop” flavour beads within)


  • 5 mini rolls per pack
  • Each roll holds 1 gram of material
  • Natural palm leaf
  • Corn husk filter
  • Vanilla Terpenes
  • Squeeze to pop flavour bead
  • Slow-burning
  • Smooth
  • Tobacco-free

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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