Zig Zag Terpene Infused Pre-rolled Cones x2 – Grand Daddy Purp


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Zig Zag does not mess about. Founded by 2 brothers in the late 1800’s and still going strong today, famous for their high quality and reliable papers made in France. Their history is wide and varied but their reputation really exploded with the support of rapper, Dr Dre. In 1982 his triple platinum album “The Chronic” was released and homage was paid to Zig Zag, including the cover art where Dre’s face is framed by the Zig Zag emblem. Quite the endorsement! They continue to innovate and expand their range and now I present to you their range of Rose Petal Pre-rolled cones.


Terpenes have become quite important recently with more and more research being done on the potential health benefits and in particular the “Entourage Effect”. In a nutshell this effect refers to the cumulative benefits that additional terpenes can provide when paired with cannabis. The incredible scents emitted by various strains of cannabis are the result of the combination of terpenes found naturally in each strain. Emerging research has found that adding specific terpenes to the mix can in turn amplify the effect. On the flip side this is undetermined science and not all agree.

Believe the science or not, Zig Zag has added terpenes to these cones that are related directly to various strains. Specific terpenes are used that highlight the flavour profile of certain strains – Grand Daddy Purp in this version. The dominant terpenes of this strain include; myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene. Described as having an “earthy” scent along with grapes and a sense of tart (sharp and sour). Not the best description of flavour, apologies!

x2 pre-rolled cones are provided in a resealable pouch, each infused with hand selected terpenes. A paper filter tip has been included and all required from you is to fill and light your creation.


x2 Zig Zag Terpene Infused Pre-rolled Cones – Grand Daddy Purple


  • 2 cones per pack
  • Zig Zag pre-rolled hemp cones
  • Terpene infused
  • Grand Daddy Purp Flavour Profile
  • Tobacco & nicotine free

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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