Grav 12″ Medium Straight Base w/ Disc Water Pipe


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Grav, hands down are the masters of glass, scientific producers of glass if you will. A global reputation that is hard to surpass. Built to last, highly functional and as gorgeous as glass can get. Those in the know only and always use Grav glass. When Grav makes a water pipe/dab rig they know what they are doing. Built strong for a smooth and easy session. Oh, and so they don’t break easily either. Beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home, if that’s how you do things.


A straight tube style of water pipe, a slim tube with a very widened pedestal base. Clear glass with black accents.  A simple design with a with a twist. Percolation is provided via the honeycomb disc, a flat glass disc that separates the water chamber from the main body above it. This disc is black in colour and contains a multitude of holes that act as tight restrictions. As you inhale, water and smoke are pushed up through these many restrictions providing filtration for a smoother/cleaner hit. Move further up the body and you will encounter the geometric pinch, a deep depression in the glass that acts as a splash guard as well as an ice catcher. Use this feature to endure dry lips even with the deepest inhalations or to further lower the temperature of your smoke via the inclusion of ice chunks/chips. This pinch can also be used for an ergonomic grip.

Measuring: Almost 32cm tall

The down stem is built in and in the “banger hanger” style, meaning that it sits at a 90° angle. This style of stem acts like an ash catcher capturing some of the gunk before smoke enters into the water chamber.  A 14mm male Grav Funnel Bowl is provided. A rather large capacity bowl/slide with a collar for safe handling.

TIP: Grav recommends that you use 1.5″ of water within the chamber.


  • x1 Grav 12″ Medium Straight Base with Disc Water Pipe
  • x1 Grav 14mm Funnel Bowl


  • Use with: Flower
  • Filtration type: Honeycomb Disc Perc
  • Bong in a straight tube style
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Length height: 12″
  • Fixed down stem
  • Geometric pinch
  • Ice pinch/splash guard
  • 14mm male Funnel bowl/slide
  • Designed by: Stephan Peirce

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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