Herb Saver Pollinator Grinder


A big welcome to Herb Saver, we are excited to add you to our lineup! A relatively new brand that focuses on quality accessories for medicinal users, mostly grinders and rolling trays. High quality and affordable products built to last. Their grinders have been on my radar for a short while now so here is my first foray into the Herb Saver brand with the large version of their popular grinder.

TIP: Herb Saver offers a lifetime warranty on the functionality of their grinder teeth within their large grinders.


Herb Saver believes that they offer one of the “best herb grinders on the market”, a big call and I wish them luck. To start I must let you know that this is more than just a standard grinder. The following features are also provided;

  • Spacious storage container
  • Built-in sifter
  • Pollen collector
  • Pollen scraper

This grinder is made from Medical Grade PP. A form of extremely durable plastic (polypropylene) is used. A material used regularly to make medical devices that is quite light and you can recycle easily. A 4-part grinder that is also water and odour resistant. Each multi-chambered Herb Saver has the capacity to store and carry an impressive amount of herbal material.

Measuring: 9ishcms tall and 6ishcms at its widest point (top lid). 2.4″ x 3.8″

Top lid is magnetic with sharp grinder teeth below. 12 teeth on the top lid and 7 on the other side. There is an ease to the grind when the lid is in place and a fluffy/course grind is provided. At this point your herbal material will pass down into the main storage zone. It really is a large storage area. At the very base of this zone is the Friction Fit Pollen Screen. A laser-cut screen made from stainless steel. This screen can (and should!) be cleaned regularly and you can ultimately replace it when cleaning doesn’t suffice.

Screen specs:

  • 1.75 in diameter (44.45mm)
  • 65 Micron

Below the screen is the pollen (kief) collection zone. The final area and it is also rather roomy. You access this area by unscrewing the very base. A pollen scraper tool is also provided.


x1 Herb Saver 4-piece Pollinator Grinder


  • 2.4″ X 3.8″
  • Lifetime warranty on grinding teeth from Herb Saver
  • 4 parts
  • Water Resistant
  • Odour Resistant
  • Spacious storage
  • Friction Fit Pollen Screen for easy cleaning/replacement
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Very Sharp Herb Grinder Teeth
  • Handy Pollen Scraper
  • Medical Grade PP

Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red

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