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My Bud Vase is finally here, a brand I have been chasing for the better part of 2 years. A luxury brand that I am having trouble finding a rival for. Doreen Sullivan is the lady in charge, and she is pretty impressive with an ultimate goal of elevating and normalising the herbal consumption experience (as do I)! The premise of My Bud Vase is quite simple, to repurpose a variety of high-end glass, porcelain and ceramic products into lust-worthy and attention-grabbing water pipes. Creating objects of art that start conversations whilst being easy to use. The attention to detail is extraordinary and I would gladly showcase any of their wares. The world is rapidly changing with the prevalence of medicinal marijuana prescriptions on the rise and the time is right to destigmatise the industry with products/accessories that enhance your experience as well as your home décor. My Bud Vase agrees and crafts products that can sit proudly on any shelf as any good art should!


Another gorgeous offering from My Bud Vase that I want for myself but for the sake of my love of minimalism (and as I only vape my medicine now) I must have self-discipline. The Burmese Water Pipe is made from porcelain with a black and gold snakeskin pattern upon it. Visually quite appealing and I would love a pair of stilettos in the same colour/design. Hold it up to the light to truly appreciate the craftsmanship. There isn’t much to distinguish this piece from any high-end vase available at David Jones, except the functionality of course!

The Burmese is massive and feels nice and weighty in the hand with a long neck and a flared-out bubble shaped water chamber below. The base is flat for stability. The internal water chamber is quite large, and the neck is long(ish) and narrow to help avoid splashback. The down stem (attached to the bowl) is held in place via a thick silicone seal (barbed). I believe that you cannot remove this seal and even if you could I would advise against it as it may be hard to recreate the airtight seal.

The bowl is custom made and 9mm in size so standard bowls on the market will not fit. The bowl is double walled and on the larger side in terms of holding capacity. There is no frosted port but a 5.5cm tube extends out from the base of the bowl (down stem). A small circular o-ring helps to create an airtight connection. Back up to the top there is a striking gold rimmed mouthpiece for that final touch of luxury.

My Bud Vase provides an interesting poker tool with each purchase, in this case a large flower (fake), a Velvet Cherry Blossom with a long stem to be exact. The purpose is twofold, either as a poker to clean out the bowl between usage or as a decorative piece if you choose to display the piece like a vase.

TIP: Please be super careful with the glass bowl. It is a custom piece and standard bowls will not fit. I currently have a replacement in stock (as of today) but this may not always be the case.

Measuring: 28cms tall and 20cms at its widest (base). Told you it was massive!


  • X1 My Bud Vase – Burmese
  • X1 9mm 3.25” Flower Bowl (male)
  • X1 Velvet Cherry Blossom Poker


  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Snakeskin design
  • Black and Gold Porcelain
  • Gold rimmed mouthpiece
  • 11″ tall
  • 45° Joint
  • 9mm 3.25″ Custom Bubble Bowl Black
  • Rubber Grommet
  • Down stem attached to bowl
  • Velvet Cherry Blossom Poker
  • Certificate of Authenticity


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