Utillian 721/722 Herbal Vaporiser Care Package


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Born in 2014, Utillian (Canadian brand) is synonymous with quality and reliability (not just my opinion), using only the highest-grade materials to create herbal vaporisers for those that like to take their vaping to a “higher” level! Their premise is simple with a goal of creating high precision units for all levels of vaping expertise whilst providing a pure, smooth and potent experience for all. I have not “gifted” myself a new vape for a while now, but I can assure you that the Utillian 722 will very soon find its way into my personal vape cupboard!


Herbal vaporisers require regular cleaning and maintenance of all parts, a non-negotiable fact. I recommend to all my customers that they stay on top of cleaning their vape, it makes a massive difference to the overall experience. There will come a day when one would like to replace parts rather than cleaning them, usually screens and o-rings.

This kit provides a fresh set of screen (5 of them) and 2 varieties of o-rings, x2 for the mouthpiece and 2 more for the magnetic cap.


  • Utillian 722
  • Utillian 721
  • Utillian 720


  • x5 Screens
  • x2 Mouthpiece O-Rings
  • x2 Magnetic Cap O-Rings


  • Authentic Utillian replacement parts
  • Fits 722/721 models
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