White Rhino Spinner Carb Cap


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White Rhino is a brand that I have been quietly watching for a little while now, knowing that I wanted to stock some of their products and now I am dipping my toes in. Dry herbs and concentrates are their main focus with a small variety of vaporisers and associated accessories on offer.


A quick lesson on the usage of carb caps. These caps are use whilst dabbing (vaporisation of herbal concentrates/wax), in particular low temperature dabbing. Dabbing at lower temperatures is all the rage and provides a more comfortable, effective and flavoursome experience. A carb cap is usually made from glass (or titanium and silicone) and is a small tool that is used to cover the top of your nail/banger once you have placed your dab within.

Dabbing is a form of vaporising (convection heating) as you do not apply direct heat to your herbal material and your wax is heated via trapped heat. Bangers/nails are generally heated first before a dab is placed within, the carb cap is then added atop allowing the heat to stay trapped. Many carb caps are designed with an airpath (usually a hole) enabling a stream of air to be pulled within to agitate and spread out the hot oil within for the most effective experience of all.


Carb caps with unique methods of air flow are increasing in popularity, helix/vortex producers in particular. A helix/vortex set up is one where air is shot out in a spiral, spinning around within a water pipe, banger or flower bowl. This special airflow will maximise the use of your concentrates whilst providing superior airiness. Various accessories offer this feature and in this case it is a carb cap. This borosilicate glass carb cap is quite tall, standing at 6cms in height. There is a bubble nearer the base bulging out to 2.5cms, wide enough to cover most bangers completely.

Air will enter into the carp cap via the top longer tube and the air will be directed in a downwards manner when you inhale. At the base of this carb cap are unique angled grooves that will capture the air forcing it round and round. This motion will cause agitation within your banger making your concentrate dance about. No hot spots and less wastage. Vortex airflow is also an great option if you are using terp beads/balls within your banger

TIP: Remember to move the carb cap around (chase the wax around with the smaller tube) when covering your heated banger. This will direct the airflow around and you should see your wax moving about as it bubbles.


X1 White Rhino Borosilicate Glass Spinner Carb Cap


  • 6cms tall
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Unique Grooves Provides Vortex Airflow Direction
  • Bubble design
  • Directional airflow
  • Low temperature dabbing
  • For use with herbal concentrates
  • Minimises Wasted Conentrates
  • Spins Terp Balls and Terp Pills/Beads
  • Compatible with Most Common Bangers
  • White Rhino Decal
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