Mushroom Helix Glass Carb Cap 32mm


Carb caps have become a crucial tool in the world of concentrates vaping (dabbing), in particular low temperature dabbing. The lower the temperature the more flavour (terpenes) that can be expressed and the more comfortable the experience. Dabbing is a form of vaporising (conduction heating) as you do not apply direct heat to your herbal material and your wax is heated via trapped heat. A carb caps job is to trap this heat. Lastly, many carb caps are designed with an airpath (usually a hole) enabling a stream of air to be pulled within to agitate and spread out the hot oil within, further enhancing the vaporisation effect.


Let’s, get the looks out of the way first. Shaped like a very cute mushroom, this carb cap reminds me of Mario Kart for some reason (just googled Mario Kart and I get why now). A little collar sits beneath the “mushroom” with the helix portion at the very base. More on the helix below.

The entire carb cap is made from borosilicate glass (32mm), the gold standard in heat resistant and heavy-duty glass. A very solid piece of glass that will be pretty hard to break. An air intake hole is located at the apex of the mushroom passing all the way through down towards the multiple air channels of the helix.


A helix is defined as a twisted, spiral shape. Imagine a spiral staircase or a corkscrew and you now have the idea. A helix design within a carb cap is all about directing airflow in a unique way. Air passes through the opening at the top of the mushroom and is then funneled down into channels that encircle the inside of the glass. Tiny holes at the base allow the air to pass down into the banger below. This intense level of multi directional airflow works to help cool down your vapour whilst allowing for more effective vaporisation to occur. Flavour is increased whilst wastage is decreased.


X1 32mm Mushroom Helix Carb Cap


  • 32mm glass
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Helix design
  • Directional airflow
  • Low temperature dabbing
  • For use with herbal concentrates

Green, Pink, Yellow

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